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How To Do Comprehensive Email Audit [100+ Parameters]

By Rahi Jain
August 31, 2020
Is your 20% revenue coming from email? Are your emails getting 20% open rates? Are your flows making you money while you asleep? Is your ROI on email marketing tool is less than 40X? If your answer is in negation, then there’s a scope of improvement and you coming this far is a clear validation of good things to come in future. Email audit can help us uncover the areas to work. I will be covering 100+ parameters to check in any email account. Let’s get started. Since organic reach on social…

RFM analysis for Customer Segmentation and Targeting

By Rahi Jain
July 28, 2020
Customers are not created equal. Breaking customers into homogenous groups - called segments, helps with 2 objectives - Help with understanding customer better. Aka know your customer. Improve targeting and communication to drive better results. It sounds easy and powerful. Only problem with segmentation is it goes out of hand very soon. You can segments on geographic, demographic, technological, behavioural and what not. Also on each segment (may be 100+), you need to make different targeting…

Easy Email List Cleaning (Re-Permission, Reactivation, Win Back)

By Rahi Jain
June 8, 2020
A clean list is a happy list. Regular email cleaning the right way helps with - costing, revenue and domain reputation and moe. Run cleaning on autopilot with simple segmentation and automation. Three simple segmentations will keep your list clean and sparky fresh. Benefits of keeping email list clean Keeping list clean have multiple benefits for everyone involved—one of the rare good deeds. Costing Every subscriber costs you money. Even the ones haven't opened your email in months. Either you…

Conquer Window Shoppers With Browse Abandonment Flows

By Rahi Jain
June 5, 2020
Browse abandonment targets the largest segment of your customers - Window Shoppers. Around 30% of email marketing revenue comes from browse abandonment campaigns due to its sheer size. There are four campaigns of browse abandonment namely - product abandonment, category abandonment, search abandonment and home page abandonment. Let's start implementing them today. What is Browse Abandonment? Browse abandonment is automation targeting to users who have left the website without doing much…

15+ Effective Ways To Capture Emails On Website

By Rahi Jain
June 4, 2020
This is the list of email capturing ideas along with a complete email capturing system for your website. The email has been one of the most effective communication media which brand owns. Capturing emails on the website is an essential first step for any marketing automation solution like this one for e-commerce . Here we will be discussing a sustainable experimentation system for finding the best set of techniques for your business. Building Email Capturing System Given the countless ways to…

eCommerce Customer Journey Mapping and Usage [Free Template]

By Rahi Jain
June 3, 2020
Customer Excellent customer experience is not by accident. We need to design every step of the customer. We need to anticipate needs and assuage the fears of the customer at every level. Benefits of eCommerce Customer Journey Core difference of eCommerce Journey different from a regular journey - Discovery phase can include multiple sites and stretch over multiple days. There is a time gap between the product purchase to product delivery. It is leading to buyers remorse during that phase…

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