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10+ Highly Effective Flows For eCommerce Marketing Automation

By Rahi Jain
June 3, 2020
According to Brian Tracy, only three ways to increase any business – Increase the number of customers. Get those users to buy more. Sell high revenue from those users. Most companies and founders are focused on the first part of the story. In that also they are leaving money on the table. Most companies are nowhere on the 2nd and 3rd. Marketing Automation for e-commerce targets all. For all the activities you would do on your website to increase conversions, this will be of highest impact. I…

Welcome Email Series You Should Be Running

By Rahi Jain
May 26, 2020
Let's welcome your customers to your platform with welcome email series. Your welcome email will get the highest CTR and open rate for your brand possible with email. I promise. One of the most profitable marketing automation series responsible for close to 30% of total revenue for the stores from email marketing. What's A Welcome Email Welcome email is simply the first mail your customer recieves on signing up, and it should make them feel happy for signing up. Customer get exposed to the…

30+ Website Personalization Ideas For Higher Conversions

By Rahi Jain
March 26, 2020
In good old days, before the proliferation of online shopping, the neighbourhood shop owner would remember you by your name, know your family members, ask about your kids, knows your last purchase, ask you to consider new arrivals and gives you sound advice to purchase next under your budget and well suiting yours needs. That’s personalization. We all love personalization. As a consumer, it makes us feel more human. It works for the brands as conversion rate, and loyalty improves. What is web…

How to map your customer journey (Simple Way)

By Rahi Jain
March 18, 2020
“Amazon famously keeps one empty chair in every meeting. It’s called the chair of the customer.” Every business thinks they know their customer. Even the failed businesses thought they knew their customers. “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”– Theodore Levitt (Famous Harvard Professor) When you start thinking from the customer perspective, you need Journey Maps. What’s a Journey Map? For any goal, a list of all the steps the customer will take to…

Social Proofs You Should Be Using On Your Website

By Rahi Jain
February 27, 2020
Every sale involves trust. Be it online or offline. Question – How you establish trust with your visitor? Answer – Social Proof Why do people buy in the first place? Let’s start at the beginning: why people buy something? Most purchases are right-brain driven then rationalised with the left brain. In simple terms, most purchases are emotional than logical. In this world of ultra consumerism (topic for some other day), we need to make an emotional connection with someone before selling them on…

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