Excellent customer experience is not by accident. We need to design every step of the customer. We need to anticipate needs and assuage the fears of the customer at every level.

Benefits of eCommerce Customer Journey

Core difference of eCommerce Journey different from a regular journey -

  1. Discovery phase can include multiple sites and stretch over multiple days.
  2. There is a time gap between the product purchase to product delivery. It is leading to buyers remorse during that phase.
  3. Usage can be complicated for the user and sometimes not explained by the company.
  4. Very little manual intervention can be planned due to the massive scale and low ticket size compared to B2B or even SaaS products.
  5. Scale makes marketing automation necessary than optional enhancement.

Pre Purchase Phase -

Discovery to shortlisting.

Browse Abandon Flow

  1. Search
  2. Category
  3. Product
  4. Home Page Etc

Purchase Phase -

Post Purchase Phase -

Birthday and Milestone Flows

Sample eCommerce Journey

Sample eCommerce Customer Journey Sample eCommerce Customer Journey Sample eCommerce Customer Journey