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UX Consultant

Achieving the right usability experience for the customer on the desired journey. I perform UX audits and recommendation for the client.

Marketing Automation Consultant

I implement complete marketing automation across all mode of communication including emails, SMS, push notification and pop-ups.

Email Marketing Consultant

I implement highly personalised email campaigns for complete customer journey.

eCommerce Marketing Consultant

I implement complete marketing plan for the brand starting from brand pitch to communication to customer journey.

Customer Experience Consultant

Setting up the right Voice of Customer feedback system, customer loyalty, content marketing, customer success team across the company to enable repeat purchase and long term retention.

CRO Consultant

I execute the complete conversion rate optimisation services to get results for the brand. A/B testing, and personalisation tests to achieve great experience.

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Rahi Jain Consultancy

Retention Expert

Helping eCommerce and SaaS brands increase customer lifetime value and decrease customer acquisition costs

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